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Submit a Guest Post - Sumo SEO Tools

09/10/2022 12:00 AM

Are you searching SEO and digital marketing blogs that accept guest posts? You've come to the right place. Sumo SEO Tools has recently opened the door to Guest Posting Opportunities. If you want to be a long-term guest blogger for us, please submit your article in accordance with our guest post guidelines.

We make every effort to educate and inform our visitors and users. I believe you visited our website. Our website is primarily concerned with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), blogging, and making money online. We have over 100+ SEO and webmaster tools to help you with search engine optimization. It's referred to as an SEO niche website. As a result, we only accept content related to blogging, SEO, and monetization to publish on our blog.

Submit a Guest Post - Sumo SEO Tools

We're looking for well-written articles that will help users easily build their own websites, increase traffic with SEO, and make money online.

We are looking for the following topics:

We're looking for articles on the following topics right now:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO tools
  • WordPress Tutorial and Guides
  • Blogger Tutorial and Guides
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Monetization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Domain Web Hosting
  • Blogging
  • How To
  • Make Money Online
  • SEO trends and Guidelines
  • Other Related Topics.

Submission Guidelines for Guest Posts

  1. Articles must be unique and must not have been published elsewhere, including on your own website.
  2. Content posts should be well-written and visually appealing, with short paragraphs, headings, subheadings, and images. View an Example
  3. Article Title: The post title must be between 45 and 58 characters long.
  4. The article's word limit must not be less than 1000 words.
  5. Meta Description: In your article, there should be 1-2 sentences that summarise the entire thing. The meta description must be between 130 and 150 characters long.
  6. The minimum image dimensions must be 800px. The higher the resolution, the better.
  7. The content must be original, well-researched, and informative.
  8. There must be no rewriting of existing content.
  9. Credit your image sources or link back to the original site from which you obtained the images.
  10. We only accept well-written English, French, Spanish, and Bengali articles at this time.

If your submission is rejected for any reason, it does not necessarily reflect on the quality of your work. That could be due to a variety of factors, including a topic that has already been covered, or it could be off-topic and inconsistent with the overall content of the site.

How Do You Submit A Guest Post?

  • Due to spam posts, we accept guest posts via email and manually publish them.
  • First, send us an email with your proposed title within 45-58 characters.
  • After receiving the confirmation email, submit your article in document format with all images, meta description, and author's biodata, zip the document and image files, and attach them to an email. We will notify you of your article link once it has been published.
  • You must read all of our guidelines before submitting your guest post. Due to the volume of posts we receive, we may postpone submitting each submission.
  • If your article is selected, we will review it and, if there are significant changes, we will send it back to you with comments. We reserve the right to edit the article or its title. We will notify you via email once the article has been published.

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Note! Any article, content, or post may be accepted, rejected, removed, or edited at any time by SumoSEO.Tools team.